Pictures by my mom

dress (zara, customized), jacket (h&m trend), 
furry hat (monki), white heels (zara), furry bag (h&m)

So here's the outfit you've all been waiting for! ;-) Probably the most girly outfit of 2013 already, in big contrast with my last post in which I pretended to be a badass skatergirl. When I woke up to ALL THIS SNOW earlier this week I felt so excited. There are lots of snow haters out there in the evil, evil world but to me it's one of the most enchanting wonders of nature. I had imagined this gorgeous lace dress in a white wonderland right from the moment I got my hands on it. In the mean time I've chopped it from maxi (here) to mini (here) and I believe it still looks gorgeous. Of course this isn't exactly an outfit that I would actually wear with temperatures below zero but shooting an outfit just because you fancy the combo can be a lot of fun too sometimes. The best part is that these kind of shoots definitely produce the prettiest pictures!

The gorgeous pink (actually peach-y) jacket and fluffy tiny bag are my two first sale purchases of the year, both from H&M. In the meantime I did splurge a bit during the sales so there are a lot of new items and combinations coming up soon. Sounds good? Allright, perfect! Gotta go back to the books now, my final exam is coming up on Monday and it couldn't come any time sooner. So tired of studying! All I want to do right now is playing in the snow and dreaming about my ski holiday in two weeks. See ya!

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