Pictures by Brunette Blogging

coat, oversized cardigan & skirt (thrifted)
beret & bag (h&m), boots (zara)

Not EVERYTHING I'm wearing here is thrifted but you definitely can state that this is a cheap ass outfit ;-) Here's the first outfit of 2013, obviously shot back in 2012 (not gonna start rambling about exams and jogging suits again)! This cardigan was one of my best thrift finds lately — it's huge and cozy and also very pretty with all those crazy brooches. It does itch a little bit but heck, I don't think I'll be wearing it with bare arms and mini shorts any time soon. I pretended to be une petite Parisienne, added a bonnet and some cute ankle boots and twirled around Antwerp town. The outfit was shot right after I finished a shoot, hence the curls and pretty make-up that embrace the look so well.

How was your New Year's Eve? I had a cozy evening with friends including lots of food and watching fireworks while hanging out of the window (stupid rain)! Nothing too special this year but I'm not a real partygirl in the first place. I'm dreaming of celebrating New Year's Eve on location though, such as in a chalet in Norway with my boyfriend or in a city I've never been to with my girlfriends. Well, maybe next year! Let's face 2013 first.

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