Pictures by Wannes R.

skirt (river island, on sale), furry scarf (zara, old), striped top (h&m) earrings (h&m, aw12)
ankle boots (new look, old), clutch (kirilove for vero moda), nail polish (deborah lippmann)

Hi guys! Here's the outfit I wore on Christmas Eve for dinner at my parent's place. My mom and boyfriend actually thought I looked like a circus clown ("Stripes? With that skirt?") but what the heck, this might be my favourite party outfit in times! Everything is super co-ordinated but still very mix-and-matched at the same time. Instant love, I tell you. Normally you only see me wear casual looks but when I go for something festive, I tend to pick blue, pink and purple or nude and golden shades. This skirt is one of the things that I bought back in Amsterdam and me thinks me's in love! It SPARKLES and has the exact same colour as my gorgeous blue nail polish. Rather awesome sale bargain, don't you think? I was going to give you the link but just saw that the skirt is sold out in all sizes except for 16. If you're a size 16 and you want to shiiiiiiiiine on New Year's Eve, here you go! There's an alternative for the rest of you down below.

Oh, and now that I'm talking about it: you've probably seen the new widget for my outfit that gives you a few options to "copy" my look, no? I hope this makes it easier for you to find items similar to the ones I'm wearing. Feel free to give me some feedback on my choices and price ranges. Now, time for some more holiday pictures from the last few days to get you in a cozy mood! Enjoy your evening, wether you'll be watching tv with your family, going out until late at night or studying (like me). 

1. Did a bit of Christmas shopping for myself, as the sales started at H&M and this peach jacket that I've wanted for so long got discounted! Couldn't resist taking the other pieces home too for a small price  ;-) 
2. It was my mom's birthday on the 23rd and our family came by to surprise her with loads of champagne!

3. My Christmas Eve make-up look! I don't like too much but I do fancy a good eyeliner.
4. The gorgeous sparkly blue nail polish from Deborah Lippmann <3

5. Dinner on Christmas Eve! We have a tradition of doing raclette every year, yum yum :)
6. I love our pretty wine glasses! Perfect for cozy festivities like Christmas. 

7. We don't really buy each other presents, we just get presents from our parents every year (yeah, call me spoiled). But this year there wasn't anything underneath the tree and I started to get slightly worried...
8. Luckily at 7 PM, right before dinner, some present magically appeared! I got garden shears for my flowers and as my boyfriend and I are redecorating our apartment, we received the wood table and lofty lamp we were eying for quite a while! So thoughtful! Don't you just love useful presents? 

9. On Christmas day I was expected for a huge dinner at my in-laws. 
10. I didn't take pictures of my outfit, but here's what I wore!

11. The holidays are a huge threat for my modeling career as I'm not the type of person to skip dessert. Or two. Therefore I've been trying out the new Oenobiol Liporeducer, which basically absorbs all the fat you're eating during an enormous Christmas dinner and makes sure your digestion works fast enough. Let's hope I'll see the result of this 100% natural product on the scales in January! 
12. This colourful S. Oliver pompom hat is perfect to keep my head warm during Winter. Prrrrr.

  13. Homemade pancakes on Boxing day!
14. I didn't feel like getting up so I studied in bed :)

Enough about me! How were your holidays?

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