Oh Paris... I always feel so euphoric whenever I get on that Thalys that takes me to the city of love. Even if I'm there for only a couple of hours, I can't help but take pictures of everything. That includes streetlights, French bulldogs and store windows. What's consistent here, is that these objects are mostly located in the touristic areas, as I am not a Paris expert at all. 

A few weeks ago these things were about to change. Me and some blogger friends were invited to discover Paris like les vraies Parisiennes know the city. Personal shopper and Paris expert Eléonore Chedeville guided us around town and showed us the most popular local stores, bakeries and cozy streets. As said before, I take pics of everything, so I made you guys a nice visual diary. I crammed EVERYTHING (from snapshots to hotspots to outfits) in one huge blogpost because I thought you'd have some spare time on this lazy Saturday. Here we go:

First stop: the Ralph Lauren store in Saint-Gérmain! Seven floors of preppy yumminess — oh boy. Not to mention the roof garden, the gorgeous restaurant and the magnificent typical Parisian view.

First time in my life at Hermès (probably the last time too), located in an old swimming pool with some extraordinary pieces of architecture. Wowzers! I almost considered buying a leather Hermès saddle for horse riding, or a hand made Hermès carpet. Or I didn't... But you get the point: the offer was enormeous! Did you know there are Hermès bathing towels? 

Tasty seductions at La Patisserie des Rèves, par Philippe Conticini.

93 Rue du Bac / 111 Rue de Longchamp

From all the stores we visited, this was probably my favourite: Brand Bazar. It looks like a messy second hand store (which I love) but it actually has some fiiiine brands (which I love too). There's clothes, bags, shoes everywhere — even on the ceiling and the stairs— so you really have to take your time to explore the shop. Spotted at Brand Bazar: sequin Filles à Papa jackets, chunky Scotch & Soda cardigans and some pretty fine Carven coats. They also stock Paul & Joe Sister, Ba&sh, American Vintage, See by Chloé, A.P.C., Cheap Monday, Iro, April May and so on.

33 Rue de Sèvres
75006 Paris

Next stop: Le Bon Marché. I had never been there before and was a bit overwhelmed by all the designer goodies at such close reach. I tried on this gorgeous 3.1 Phillip Lim satchel or checked out some Kenzo jumpers like it was a common thing to do for me. I also made a quick stop at the Chloé corner to see my bag's little brothers and sisters in gorgeous Winter colours ;-)

Shopping makes me hungry and like real Parisiennes do, we had lunch at Les Parisiennes. I really dont' have anything to say about this place but that it has the perfect relaxing atmosphere and the most delicious food. On my menu: grilled tuna with green beans and homemade cheesecake afterwards! I bet their breakfast is amazing too, so if you're ever there — let me know.

Les Parisiennes
17, Avenue de la Motte-Picquet
75007, Paris, France

Random girly store window from which we all wanted to make pictures :)

Clothes aren't our ONLY interest, no, we like to indulge in a good portion of food too. Eléonore showed us this cute indoor market, Marché des Enfants-Rouges, where marketers offer all kinds of fresh food, flowers and even some vintage items like these photographs. In my opinion, it looks like the perfect hotspot for strolling around on a Sunday morning. 

39 Rue de Bretagne

More yumminess! Anything that involves pastry strikes my interest. Cream puff, for example. We visited Popelini, the cream puff expert, and I tried one filled with praliné cream. Divine!

29 Rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris

Isabel Marant, of course!

Last but not least we made a quick stop at Merci, a trendy multistore, café and restaurant. There are clothes, there is furniture, there is perfume, there are books and there is food. You can shop here with several different budgets and what I liked most, were the huge open spaces of the old industrial building. Too bad we didn't have a coffee at the café because come on: how cozy does that look?

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

And finally, I would like to thank Thalys, Whyte Corporate Affairs and Eléonore Chedeville (who was so sweet to pose for my camera) for this wonderful and perfectly organized day in Paris!

And then there was an OUTFIT! 

Pictures by Dogs & Dresses

coat (soaked in luxury), cardigan, belt & skinny jeans (h&m), jumper (gap)
cashmere beanie (cos), sneakers (converse), chained purse (pull&bear), hand bag (chloé)

I'm not going to tell you anything about this outfit, as you're probably already busy googling my hotspots and booking yourself a quick getaway to Paris. Did I tell you Paris is magical in Autumn and Winter? What are you waiting for? Anyway, I hope you'll have a cozy Saturday with your friends or family (I will, it's my boyfriend's birthday!) and come back soon fellas xx

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