Pictures by Dogs & Dresses

oversized cardigan (thrifted), skinny jeans & circle scarf (h&m)
quilted bag (zara), studded boots (unknown)

I can't resist a good thrifted piece and especially not if it's huge and warm and super colourful! This 80s-like bomber jacket/oversized cardigan immediately caught my eye between the racks of clothes and it had such a good price that it was pretty hard to leave it behind. On a cold and grey day (just like the day that we took these pictures) it instantly brightens up the streets, and also my mind. This time I paired with an all black look but I think it will look cute too with pastel colours such as baby blue and lilac. But I believe that the ultimate moment to wear this fella is when the city is completely covered with snow! Imagine the streets being all white and me being this pink colour bomb walking through them... So (hopefully) I just need to wait for a couple of weeks before Winter comes down on us. Virtually raise your hands if you're totally ready for holiday season too! 

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