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striped jumper (pull & bear), dress worn as skirt (new look, old)
parka (mango, old), checked scarf & knit beanie (zara), ankle boots (h&m)

Goodmorning dear fellas! Besides my regular outfit pictures I added a bunch of ridiculous ones too. Because I can. And because outfit shooting is FUN. Now, Elien and I realized that, despite us living in Antwerp for a few years now, we never really played the tourist in our own city. Antwerp is an important subject on both our blogs (next to sushi and fashion; we're die hard fans) so we decided to take this to the next level. Tadammm: here's me posing in front of some famous places in Antwerp; Suikerrui, the Main Square and the Cathedral of Our Lady. Feeling cultivated already?

I'm wearing some of my current favourite pieces here: my new huge Zara scarf slash blanket (oh, hello Christmas spirit), yet another beanie, my fave striped jumper and my trusty old ankle booties. Shoes are a difficult topic for me so once I've found a pair that's pretty and comfortable, I basically wear them all the time. So I'm sorry if you're tired of boring black ankle boots but I challenge you to get me hooked on another pair!

+ Exciting news! Polienne turns 3 years old this Friday! Oh, how time flies...

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  1. Love your city and your look..:)





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