Pictures by Dogs & Dresses

jumper (new look - old), dress (thrifted, T2), coat (massimo dutti - old)
booties (h&m divided), purse (pull & bear), cashmere hat (cos)

Ahh, October... Leafs are turning orange and yellow and red but instead of going with that flow, I'm following the basic nature shades: dark forest green and earthy nude tones. I personally love this kind of weather! Adding hats (this cashmere one is the latest addition to my headwear collection <3), scarves, over-knee socks and light coats to your outfit makes it so much more fun and you have a lot more possibilities with your looks too. The only thing that bothers me is the trouble I always have with Autumn shoes. I run around town all day long so they need to be comfortable (and preferably flat) but I want to look elegant too. Pretty hard to find!

Gotta run now (uni is calling) but here's a funfunfun backstage pic from yesterday, when we shot these pictures! Somehow shooting with Elien always ends up like this. And I like it.

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