Pictures by Robin H.

blazer (thanks to Elien), shirt & trenchcoat (thrifted, T2), 
jeans, bag & boots (h&m), watch (michael kors)

Most random title ever for the most random pose ever too. Excuse my tired face; these pictures were taken after a full week of being ill but going to work and university anyway. And I forgot to put on day cream; crucial mistake. Hydration is important, kids!

Besides being ill I'm feeling a bit uninspired too lately. I'm regularly taking pics of my outfits and events but I feel like my content is slacking. It's hard for me to focus on a decent blogpost and I don't seem to find any new ideas. Are there any things or topics that you would like to see more on Polienne? I've had some requests on a beauty post and I've noticed that you all loved my New York post, that was a lot more lifestyle inspired instead of fashion inspired. Or maybe I should try out a "30 Day Challenge" (or 10 day) translated into my blog? Maybe a new, fresh lay-out is what I need? If you all let me know what you prefer to read or what you think that might improve Polienne, I might get inspired while overthinking your answers. So please: shoot!

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