I suppose you're all tired of those leather pants now, aren't you? Time for a SKIRT again! It's a nice change to the trousers I'm wearing aaaaall the time nowadays. So funny how a skirt/dress-girl can turn into a pants-girl in only a couple of months! 

Well it is true, my style is undoubtedly evolving (as it is all the time) and lately I am really liking a classy and more tomboy kind of look. PANTS PANTS PANTS. But now and then a cute vintage inspired outfit doesn't hurt, does it? Moreover, it is a fact that it feels harder to dress up girly in Winter so I'm very sure I will pull out all my cute floral Summer dresses out of my closet as soon as the temperatures start rising. Can't wait for the latter to happen, by the way!

The world would be so boring if everyone just sticks with one look all the time! One day I want to wear a boho maxi dress with braids in my hair, the other day an all black look with worker boots and cross earrings and another day a preppy collared shirt with over knee socks and brogues. Ah, fashion can be so much fun! Are you balancing in between different kind of styles too?

High five if you caught up the title of this post! Rusty colours in the outfit and an even more rusty and super cliché style talk. That's the best I could to on a Saturday afternoon.

Pictures by Annebeth

coat (jbc), cardigan (vero moda), lace top (forever21)
belt & faux fur (h&m), ankle boots (zara), skirt, bag & necklace (thrifted)


  1. This is such an adorable outfit!!! I'm in love with this! You put every piece together perfectly!

  2. De jas en het topje zijn erg leuk!

  3. oooh de foto's zijn echt goed gelukt! prachtige outfit, en gevarieerde personen hebben gevarieerde stijl! :D ik ben ook meer into stoer en broeken, altijd in de winter bij mij!

  4. Ik merk zelf ook echt dat mijn stijl aan het veranderen is. Ik droeg, net als jij, altijd rokjes en jurkjes en schakel nu plots meer en meer over op broeken. Komt waarschijnlijk doordat broeken en leuke kleurtjes helemaal hot and happening zijn! ;-)
    Ik vind het echt leuk hoe je steeds een outfit weet af te maken door de juiste accessoires toe te voegen! Mooi!

  5. I like u in different styles! Fashion is all about experimenting for me!

  6. Love this outfit. Great boots. Cute necklace. :-)


    Dark Blue Stripes

  7. Echt een heel erg mooi vestje, staat mooi met de kanten top!
    Liefs, Swaen


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