At the point these pictures were taken I might have had the blues for real. Annebeth and I met up right after a terrible exam but she managed to cheer me up in no time! She's like the ultimate source of world happiness. Really cool. Anyway, It was raining cats and dogs while shooting these pics but we still managed to take some pretty pics to show you my outfit.

I was wearing three of my sales buys here! Cute blue ASOS dress, over knee zip boots from Frida (you can unzip the upper part so you have a regular boot, very cool) and a €3 beanie from H&M that I've been wearing everyday since. On my nails I have a sparkly sequin-nail polish from American Apparel — it is absolutely horrible to apply and take it off — and it just looks so pretty :-) 

Oh and by the way, in the last two posts only the last three pictures from the post about my sale shopping were shot with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens! This outfit is photographed with Annebeth's camera. Hope to show you some other pictures taken with my new lens real soon. 

Seeing this pic makes me miss my long hair...!
You can check out pictures of my "new hair" on my Twitter account.

dress [asos], beanie [h&m], bag [zara], boots [frida], coat [WE], scarf [lavand]

Let's end this post with some fun backstage pictures! Yay!
Check out the pics I shot for Annebeth right here.

Bloggerz no likey rain that spoils awesome photoshoots...

Yup, I'm totally feeling the beanie attitude.


  1. Heb dezelfde nagellak maar in zilver :) (wel niet van American Apparel..) Het er afhalen is echt hel, want de polish wordt er eerder afgeschraapt.. Wie mooi wil zijn moet lijden zeker?! :D

  2. superschattig jurkje :) hopelijk is je examen dan toch nog beter dan verwacht!

  3. Gorgeous look, fab snaps and I just love your nails.

    Eda ♥


    P.S would love for you to support my new cupcake business on twitter: #bibbyscupcakes

  4. you always look fabulous, rain or no rain! love the electric blue on you! amazing color and so so adorable, but adorable in a good way! not too adorable

  5. cool dat je je botten kunt "zippen", ik vind ze erg mooi.
    Net zoals het jurkje, mooi marineblauw. Is je VJ-style bestelling al gearriveerd?
    Oh en super benieuwd naar de nieuwe foto's xx

  6. I was looking over a ton of your older posts, you're pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love them dear. I'm sooo into this look too, the layers and the beanie... so pretty girl! Love it :)

  7. Je botten zijn echt geweldig!

    XO, Aline

  8. I love your style so much!!! Even in the rain these pictures are super pretty :) Tell Annebeth she's a super duper photographer!!

  9. Love rainy days! You look perfect!

    found the route

  10. Dit kleedje is echt zo prachtig, dat kraagje en de drop waist, echt lovely!

  11. These zip boots are so cool! I'm really fond of the design!


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