27 november 2011


Hoppaaa! Another outfit for you! Bright and happy feelings in November! Okay maybe the Pixlr-O-Matic application has something to do with it... And the superbright orange Catrice lipstick... And of course this pretty green-yellow-ish cardigan!

A little while ago I spotted this pretty cardigan in the WE Fashion store but didn't take it home with me. Now, WE Fashion recently opened a webshop and as I couldn't get that happy cardigan out of my head, I immediately ordered it online. Only ONE DAY LATER it was nicely delivered and it fitted perfectly! The quality is really good and I love the little details such as the small pockets and cute buttons. Definitely a keeper. I can absolutely recommend you this online store as their delivery system is awesome and their current collection is really nice and classy! I especially like their blazers, winter coats and party dresses. Some other fashionable items I spotted: a long sheer skirt, a red vintage-looking "Natalie Off Duty style" blazer, a cognac leather skirt and supercool lace up boots for Winter. HOT, I'd say. [SHOP ONLINE HERE]

Another worth-mentioning item: this fantastic and HUGE scarf! In September I went to an event organized by the Antwerp stores Fresh 34 and little sister Fresh 15 and discovered some new brands. One of them was Humanoid, a Dutch brand that is known for its soft, lush fabrics that all match each other in shades, structures and layering. If you love cashmere, leather, suede and cotton in a classy, feminine but still edgy way: go Humanoid. The large luxurious wrap scarf (like the one I'm wearing for example) is symbolizing the Humanoid feel from the very beginning. You should definitely check out their online store; I already spotted some awesome shoes, bags and knitwear! [SHOP ONLINE HERE]

Now it's photo-time! 

cardigan (WE fashion), scarf (humanoid), dress (vero mode)
bag (jutka & risk), necklace, sunglasses, tights (h&m), shoes (unknown)

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Remember, you only have time until this Wednesday; November 30th. Go go go!

18 opmerkingen:

Lippylash zei

Echt een mooie kleur cardigan en vind je tasje echt super leuk!!!

Ambypure zei

Erg leuke outfit!

Alexandra zei

I love your look!!
Great bag!
xx Alexandra

Debbie zei

Ahh Paulien, ik heb vaak op je blog gekeken en nooit echt gereageerd. Je ziet er altijd prachtig uit, ik vind je een heel mooie meisje :)

Heb ik je gezien tijdens het feest van Date sneakers in Antwerpen een tijdje geleden? Toen ik je even aan wilde spreken, kon ik je opeens niet meer vinden :$


ATW zei

like your sunnies..


Closet Fashionista zei

Ooh I love that cardigan it is such a great color!! :D And the scarf is perfect :D

www.glamour-blog.com zei

Hele mooie kleuren! Leuk gecombineerd!
Fijne zondag meid xx

Andreea zei

Gorgeous mixtures in this outfit! I love the colors and the prints, the shapes...amazing!


Jessi zei

Ik hou echt van je stijl! Jouw kleerkast zou ik wel eens willen komen plunderen :)

Laura zei

vanwaarkomt je lipstick + welke kleur?

Ivanka zei


Natalie Suarez zei

those glasses are so hot!! LOVE :)



Her Imagination zei

Die cardigan heeft echt een super kleur.

Sweet Harvest Moon zei

Leuk zoveel kleur in November!

Fashionista* zei

Gorgeous outfit
love the necklace!


Luis zei

And again, loving the outfit!
And those "unknown" shoes, I suppose unknown is not the brand name and if so where can I buy these beauties?

Kim zei

Love this whole outfit. So lovely!

found the route

Rūta zei

lovely colors